협동과정 농림기상세미나(2018-05-03)Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Seminar
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[Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Seminar(18.05.03)]

- Lecturer : ★ Mr. Juyeol Yun (Ph.D.student)SNU★Ms. Daun Ryu (Ph.D. student) SNU

- Topic : ★CH₄ and N₂O fluxes measured in a rice paddy by eddy covariance method with an integrated cavity output spectroscopy
★The physiological responses of Pinus densiflora under elevated CO2

- Time &Place : 17:00~18:00, May 3th,2018
Rm 308, Bld. 82 (Graduate School of Environmental Studies)
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  작성일 : 2018.04.26
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