No. Title Authors Publication Journal 비고
1 User-specific Agrometeorological Service to Local Farming Community: A Case Study 농가맞춤형 기상서비스 시범사업 Jin I. Yun(1), Soo-Ock Kim(2), Jin-Hee Kim(2), Dae-jun Kim(1,2) 201312 한국농림기상학회지
2 Distribution of Midday Air Temperature and the Solar Irradiance Over Sloping Surfaces under Cloudless Condition 맑은 날 한낮의 사면 기온분포와 일사 수광량 간 관계 Soo-Ock Kim, Jin I. Yun 201312 한국농림기상학회지
3 Improving Usage of the Korea Meteorological Administration’s Digital Forecasts in Agriculture: 2. Refining the Distribution of Precipitation Amount 기상청 동네예보의 영농활용도 증진을 위한 방안: 2. 강수량 분포 상세화 Dae-jun Kim1,2* and Jin I. Yun1 201309 한국농림기상학회지
4 Improving Usage of the Korea Meteorological Administration's Digital Forecasts in Agriculture: I. Correction for Local Temperature under the Inversion Condition 기상청 동네예보의 영농활용도 증진을 위한 방안: I. 기온역전조건의 국지기온 보정 Soo-ock Kim1*, Dae-jun Kim1, 2, Jin-hee Kim1 and Jin I. Yun2 201306 한국농림기상학회지
5 Effect of condensation on performance of heat recovery ventilators for Broiler houses 201306 International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration KCI
6 Computational fluid dynamics applications to improve crop production systems T. Bartzanasa, , , M. Kacirab, H. Zhuc, S. Karmakard, E. Tamimib, N. Katsoulase, In Bok Leef, C. Kittasa, e 201304 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture SCI
7 The past, present and futere of CFD for agro-environmental applications In-Bok Lee a, , , Jessie Pascual P. Bitoga, b, Se-Woon Honga, Il-Hwan Seoa, Kyeong-Seok Kwona, Thomas Bartzanasc, Murat Kacirad 201304 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture SCI
8 Forest water use and water use efficiency at elevated CO2: a model-data intercomparison at two contrasting temperate forest FACE sites 201303 Global Change Biology SCI
9 Outlook on Blooming Dates of Spring Flowers in the Korean Peninsula under the RCP8.5 Projected Climate 신 기후변화시나리오 조건에서 한반도 봄꽃 개화일 전망 Jin-Hee Kim, Jung-Hwa Cheon, Jin I. Yun 201303 한국농림기상학회지
10 Prediction of Blooming Dates of Spring Flowers by Using Digital Temperature Forecasts and Phenology Models 동네예보와 생물계절모형을 이용한 봄꽃개화일 예측 Jin-Hee Kim, Eun-Jung Lee, Jin I. Yun 201303 한국농림기상학회지
11 Changes in stand structure and environmental conditions of a mixed deciduous forest after logging and shifting cultivation in Lao PDR CHANHSAMONE PHONGOUDOME, PIL SUN PARK, HYUN-SEOK KIM, SILAVANH SAWATHVONG, YEONG DAE PARK, MARILYN S. COMBALICER, WAI MUN HO 201302 Asia Life Sciences SCI, Vol 22, No 1 (2013)
12 The effects of elevated CO2 and nitrogen fertilization on stomatal conductance estimated from 11 years of scaled sap flux measurements at Duke FACE Ward EJ1, Oren R, Bell DM, Clark JS, McCarthy HR, Kim HS, Domec JC. 201302 Tree Physiology SCI
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