No. Title Authors Publication Journal 비고
1 A Drought Index Designed for Field-Scale Water Management Dae-Jun Kim1, Soo-Ock Kim2, Jin-Hee Kim1, Kyo-Moon Shim3, and Jin I. Yun 201511 Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences SCI
2 Combined Effects of Wind and Solar Irradiance on the Spatial Variation of Midday Air Temperature over a Mountainous Terrain Soo-Ock Kim, Jin-Hee Kim, Dae-Jun Kim, Kyo Moon Shim, Jin I. Yun 201508 Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences SCI
3 Using daily temperature to predict phenology trends in spring flowers Jin-Hee Kim, Soo-Ock Kim, Dae-Jun Kim, Kyung Hwan Moon, Jin I. Yun 201505 Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences SCI
4 Variation in sap flux density and its effect on stand transpiration estimates of Korean pine stands Minkyu Moon, Taekyu Kim, Juhan Park, Sungsik Cho, Daun Ryu, Hyun Seok Kim 201502 Journal of Forest Research SCI
5 Web-based forecasting system for the airborne spread of livestock infectious disease using computational fluid dynamics /Biosystems engineering Il-hwan Seo a, b, In-bok Lee a, Se-woon Hong a, c, Hyun-seok Noh d, Joo-hyun Parke 201501 Biosystems Engineering SCI
6 Use of an empirical model to estimate leaf 1 wetness duration 2 for operation of a disease warning system under a shade in a ginseng field Kyu Jong Lee1, Je Yong Kang4, Dong Yun Lee4, Soo Won Jang4, Semi Lee24 , Byun-Woo Lee1,3,and Kwang Soo Kim1,2,35 * 20141120 Plant disease SCI
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